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Assurant Health has produced some wonderful video tutorials about some of the most common questions and topics.Health Insurance by Assurant

  • Patient Care – Assurant Health customers have access to Patient Care, an independent health care advocacy service. An Advocate can research cost and quality information to help you save money when they need health care services
  • TelaDoc Medical Services – Several Assurant Health individual medical plans give you access to TelaDoc Medical Services, a network of licensed, board-certified primary care physicians who provide around-the-clock non-emergency medical care by telephone.
  • HSA Bsics – A Health Savings Account (HSA) combined with a qualified health plan offers many savings opportunities and Assurant Health makes using your HSA simple.
  • Individual One Deductible HSA – OneDeductible means just that, one deductible for all covered expenses – even prescriptions – for all family members on the plan. This plan offers extensive benefits and an optional Health Savings Account.
  • Individual CoreMed – Our most popular plan, CoreMed, provides protection for everyday and catastrophic needs. Control premium cost without giving up benefits.
  • Individual Medical Features – Quality is essential when it comes to health insurance. Security, convenience, and cost savings are exemplified by each of the features include in Assurant Health’s Individual Medical Portfolio.
  • Individual Medical Portfolio – Five health insurance plan designs with many options offering flexibility and customization to fit your benefit and budget needs.
  • Real Choices for Group Coverage – Real Choices small group portfolio provides what the name implies – REAL CHOICES. Choose from several customizable plan designs, HSA, HRA, and POP options, and ancillary products
  • What is an HRA? – A Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) provides a creative way for an employer to offer affordable health insurance that their employees will value
  • Real Choices 1 – Employers value the plan customization options and the top-of-the-line benefits Real Choices I provides including many first-dollar benefits. HRA, HSA, and POP options offer employers additional customization and savings opportunities
  • Real Choices 2 – Popular among cost-conscious employers, Real Choices II offers a broad spectrum of plan design and benefit options that enable employers to buy only what their employees need and not pay for benefits they won’t use.
  • Employee Choice – Employee Choice means just that, employers can offer a choice of plans and networks to satisfy their employees’ differing needs
  • Real Choices Ancillary Products – Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, and Short Term Disability Insurance are highly valued by employees and are available through Assurant Health
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