Auto Insurance Shopping Tips

When searching for a new or cheaper auto policy, It is important to understand the many options and  purchase a policy that is ideal for your situation.  While insurance shopping is not necessarily a fun topic, but is one that can possibly save you hundreds of dollars a year. Below is seven ideas to help you with possible discounts when shopping for your next auto insurance policy.

    1. Independent insurance agency

Search for and independent insurance agency that represents multiple insurance carriers. A professional independent insurance agency will generally represent multiple insurance companies and will work hard to provide you the lowest cost with the auto coverage you need. The ability to represent multiple carriers means they are not focused on providing you insurance through just one company. They can take the information you provide and quote your insurance through multiple insurance companies. Please remember, they generally don’t make any money until you purchase your policy. With this in mind, you should feel comfortable that they will try to find the best deal possible so you will purchase your policy through them. You will generally get the best deal with little work.

2. Combine your insurance polices with one insurance company

Most insurance carriers provide a substantial discount for each additional policy they insure. Most of the time it does not make sense to have you auto with one company, your home with another and your boat or motorcycle with another. When shopping your insurance make sure you ask for a quote on all of your insurance needs.

3. Auto insurance quotes

If you search the term auto insurance quote, you will find thousands of options. Most of the options are companies that sell your information to insurance agents or insurance companies. With this approach you really have no idea where your information is going and if the companies that are buying your information are reputable or represent several companies. They may only focus on auto insurance but they don’t have to ability to quote your home too or etc. This will generally not provide you the best deal due to the multiple policy discounts discussed above.

4.Don’t forget discounts

Most companies will provide discounts for security systems or approved driver safety classes. If you have a security system that has been added to your car or your new vehicle came with some type of security, don’t forget to mention this. This could you save you a significant amount of money. A safety driving class will generally provide you a discount too. Most states allow you to take a course online. After a successful course completion you will be provided a certificate of completion. Please keep this in a safe place, because most insurance companies will need a copy of this to verify your discount.

5. Provide accurate information on your current insurance policy

Most insurance companies use many variables to underwrite your policy and determine a premium. A simple difference between stating you have $50,000/$100,000 liability limits and having $100,000/$300,000 liability limits can sometimes affect your premium substantially. Other things that go into determining a price for your insurance may be current insurance company and length of time with this company,

6. Provide accurate information about your tickets or accidents

Having tickets or accidents may disqualify you from one company or the rating for each incident may affect your premium differently depending on the insurance company. Anymore, not much can be hidden from insurance companies. Everybody has/had situations they are not necessarily proud of, but there is no need to worry about being judged. A professional insurance agent has seen many situations and wants to provide you the best policy for your situation. If you have any incidents, it is advised to disclose this information from the start. This will provide your insurance agent with a better understanding of your current situation and will help him/her decide which company may be the right choice for your situation. It will also help alleviate any surprises in premium later.

7. Combine all your vehicles under one policy

Most insurance companies provide a very substantial discount for additional vehicles in the household. If each vehicle in your household has a different policy with another carrier, you are probably paying too much money for your auto insurance. Most insurance companies will not only provide you a discount for multiple vehicles, but this is generally the way they want the policy written. With most carriers the underwriting guidelines state they want all vehicles and drivers that live in the household insured under one policy.

Due to different rules and regulations, the information above should be considered as general information.  This article does not make any claims to actual savings or attempt to provide actual advice for your situation.  Please consult with us or another professional insurance agent for full details and questions.

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