Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance or sometimes referenced as Business Property Insurance provides protection for your buildings and the property inside. When searching for property insurance for you business, it’s important to understand your coverage options. If you are a business with inventory, you probably want to make sure your inventory is covered and you have the appropriate limits.

Property coverage can be written on several different forms and can have actual cash value or replacement cost coverage options. The actual cash value method will provide coverage for covered items based on current value and condition of such items. The replacement cost method will provide coverage for the same item based on what you would spend to replace the item at current market prices.

Since business property insurance can be written on different forms, you can possibly see two quotes on the same property vary drastically. Each form describes the property to be insured along with what perils (or conditions) it will be insured against. It will also state how you will be reimbursed for damages from a covered claim.

Our Approach

We will review your current policy, shop with multiple carriers and make recommendations based on your business needs. We believe you should have choices and understand the options being presented. Our Philosophy is to make recommendations and let you make the final decision without high pressure tactics.

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