HealthCare Reform Confusion

HealthCare ReformIt looks like the debate of HealthCare Reform will be a hot subject again in 2011.  With this debate taking center stage, we see more questions than answers in the following months.  One of the big questions currently is “how will this affect me?”  This questions is being asked from individuals, family’s and businesses.

As debate and funding issues are looked at and scrutinized, we can only provide one legitimate answer.  As of today, the current HealthCare Refrom bill is law.  With this law we have many new provisions that will affect most Americans.  Below is a couple links to very informative sites that will help explain the law and how it affects you.

  • UnitedHealthCare – The United for Reform Resource Center is your resource for health reform information. You’ll find the latest news on public policy and industry strategies – everything you need to respond to health reform legislation.  This website provides a wealth of informaiton and does a wonderful job providing details and insight.
  • HealthCareLane – is a virtual street that makes learning about health care easier and more enjoyable. When you visit Health Care Lane you will visit different businesses, with friendly employees who are excited to talk to you about all sorts of health care topics. Enjoy fun facts and even test your knowledge as you make your leisurely stroll.
  • Anthem Making HealthCare Reform Work – This information is for Missouri and is your personal resource for health care reform. You have important decisions to make now that health care reform is officially a law, and we’re here to help. Welcome to our new Health Care Reform Website, your on demand, one-stop resource for reform information. Designed to give you everything you need to get up to speed on reform developments and understand how each new law impacts your business. Intuitive, easy to use, and comprehensive – this site puts everything you need right at your fingertips. So look around and see how we’re helping to make health care reform work for you!
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