Insurance Company Mobile Apps

With the popularity of cell phones, many insurance companies are now offering mobile apps for smartphones such as iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Most of these apps focus on gathering the correct information when you are involved in an auto accident. This includes your GPS location, pictures of the accident and any information or notes your would like to include while it’s fresh on your mind.

It’s interesting to note, most insurance mobile apps don’t require you to be a customer of the insurance company for you to use them. If you are a customer it makes the claims process easier, but it’s nice to have these tools available to help you in a situation where you may not be thinking clearly.

Travelers Mobile App

TravelersTravelers has designed a wonderful mobile app that can used by customers and non customers.  Once this app is installed you can go through a series of screens to enter information about yourself, your vehicles and your contacts.  Your contacts include fields for your Insurance Agent,  Roadside Assistance number and your repair shop.  It also includes a search feature to locate an agent or repair shop.

If you are involved in an auto accident, you can open the app and click on “Help, I’ve been in an auto accident”  This feature will prompt you through a series of screens that records your GPS location, details about the accident, pictures of the accident along with witness and police information.  Once you have followed the steps you can start the claims process if you are a Travelers customer.  If you are not a Travelers customer you can email the report with all the information you have collected to any email address.

Overall, the Travelers mobile app is easy to use and well designed.  This app is available for Android and iPhone.  For more information about these app please visit Travelers.

The Hartford Mobile App

The Hartford also offers a mobile app for your smartphone.  This app is a little more rigid than the Travelers app but offers more unique tools and services to complement the full line of The Hartford products.  This app also has an accident report service but it’s important to fill out your profile informaiton before using this service.  Since this app is designed to make the accident report quick and simple, it depends on the profiles you create to prefill most of the information.

Overall, this app is very useful and well designed. The Hartford mobile app is available for android and iPhone.  To learn more, please visit The Hartford.



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