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Insurance Company Mobile Apps

With the popularity of cell phones, many insurance companies are now offering mobile apps for smartphones such as iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Most of these apps focus on gathering the correct information when you are involved in an auto accident. This includes your GPS location,…

Latest Travelers Commercial “Cat Burglar”

Travelers has created some excellent commercials and the newest commercial is an excellent reminder of what a good insurance policy should do for you.  An insurance policy should provide you peace of mind and protect those items that are important to you.

Small Business Insurance Guide

Most small business owners are very good at their profession but sometimes struggle with their business insurance policy. Many agencies can sell you a business policy but in the end it is your responsibility to understand and make sure the policy you purchase, fits your…

Travelers Umbrella Policy Improved Pricing Structure in Missouri

Travelers has announced some pricing changes to the Umbrella Policy for Missouri.  This new pricing for Travelers Umbrella Plus will be Effective February 20th, 2011.  Some of the new discounts are listed below.

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